suguru puzzle   tectonic puzzel


The rules are simple, but solving a tectonic puzzle can be difficult sometimes. It is very similar to the figure puzzle sudoku. A sudoku consists of 9 equal forms (= large squares) with 9 squares in which each time the numbers 1 to 9 fit.

A tectonic contains different shapes with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 squares. Just like sudoku, some boxes have already a number. With tectonic puzzles we limit ourselves to the numbers 1 to 5. Below a tectonic of 3x5 and one of 5x6.

How do we proceed to solve a tectonic puzzle? In the boxes you have to place a number, just like sudoku.

  • The smallest form consists of only one box. Here you can only enter the number 1.
  • A form with two squares always gets the numbers 1 and 2. Now you have to start thinking: where goes number 1 and where comes number 2.
  • Now follow the same procedure for the shapes with 3, 4 and 5 squares.

Pay attention! Boxes with the same number must never be neighbors (neither horizontally, vertically nor diagonally). An example below. The red boxes are wrong.

There is always only one correct solution and the boxes should always be filled in by following a logical reasoning, without guessing. It is not a gambling puzzle. It is thinking and not a matter of haphazardly trying something out. There is no fixed order to fill in the numbers.

Now we will solve, step by step, a tectonic puzzle.

This is the start of a tectonic puzzle. There are already a few numbers filled in to help you on your way.
In the top right-hand corner there are 2 boxes. Just above the 2 (already on the grid) you may not place another number 2. So there comes number 1 and number 2 comes above number 1.

At the bottom left you can only enter number 1.
At the top left we place 1. This is the only place where we can avoid contact with the 1 we have placed earlier.

There is only one place at the bottom for number 2 to avoid contact with the other 2.

In addition to number 4, a 3 will definitely come. So number 4 is the only option here.
The 4 comes on top to prevent collision with the other 4.

There is only one place left for number 5.

Also for number 3 below there is only one option.
The last 3 digits are easy to fill in.

You are ready to dive into the tectonic world. Beware! Great danger of addiction.